12 July 2015

Effective Python

When you learn a language there is a point where beginners books don't give you anything useful any longer, where you can develop almost anything you want with what you know so far but that level of knowledge is not enough, you want to master the language and improve your skills a little more everyday.

"Effective Python" is the kind of book to read when you get that point. It's not a book for beginners but a book for developers who want to be really pythonic.

Written by a Google engineer, it covers several developments areas like functions, classes, metaclasses, concurrency, collaboration, production, etc, through many recipes and examples. You can read this book sequentially or not. It has many similarities with books like "Python Cookbook". Some topics will be known for you, some others will be new and interesting. In the end you'll use this book as a reference when you come across situations like the depicted ones in the book.

I'm my humble opinion the money to get this book is well invested. I got examples and tricks about topics and possibilities really useful for my developments and many months after reading it I keep coming back to this book for references.