15 January 2014

GNS3 is looking for support for its next version

GNS3, the open source lab virtualization environment developed in Python, about I wrote in one of my past articles, has been looking for financial support in order to develop its next iteration. Their campaign at Crowdhoster has been a great success. With an initial goal of 35.000$, they have reached so far 280.000$.

New features are very interesting but over all we find switching support that finally gets GNS3 freeing us of those tricks with Cisco 3640 and its NM-16ESW card. Other features are security labs, on demand cloud processing, etc. Notice option for enterprises, those in the data network bussines can benefit a lot from training capabilities of GNS3.

Althought initial campaign ended in summer they left it open to let people contribute if they couldn't during actual crowdfunding campaign.

Packages you can get contributing to the campaign go from early access to 1.0 version of GNS3, one year before final version gets the public, to premium packages that include advanced features like security suite, on demand scaling, etc, and 2 years of free access to GNS3 training. Being premium packages of only 100$ I think these packages are worth paying it.

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