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12 October 2011

Hardware keyloggers

Often, heavy investments in systems or antiviral art firewall divert attention from the need to ensure proper physical security of equipment.

People feel safe behind these systems and miss the most elementary precautions. If it is difficult to get them used to lock their computer screens when they leave their desks, it is usually impossible to convince them to close and lock the door to leave the office even when you try to go one minute to the bathroom.

However, even the exposure of a PC to a single minute without supervision may constitute a serious setback for the security of the system ... For example, installing a hardware keylogger only requires 20 seconds of time.

These keyloggers are sold as a way to back up what you type, but it is also true that pose a very simple way for an intruder to "damn" our keyboard.

These devices are placed between the keyboard and plug the PC female from there capturing every keystroke you make. Its small size and the fact that the keyboard connection usually left out of the user's view makes these devices to easily pass unnoticed. Do you watch every day behind your PC tower to make sure you have not installed a keylogger?.

It takes one careless user to install a keylogger and another to retrieve it. Once this is done the owner of the keylogger can use a password to decrypt the contents of captured keystrokes. This content can be really long as the memory of some keyloggers can reach up to 2 MB, more than enough to store the keystrokes of a victim the time period necessary to achieve all of your usernames and passwords.

There are different models with different capabilities and functionalities. The house Keyghost are models only for PS / 2 but have a wide variety of storage sizes to choose from. The house KEYKatcher models include both PS / 2 to USB while it is true that lack of options with storage capacities between. In both cases the price range between 100 and 300 dollars.